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Sarah Curtis Mortgages - First Home Buyers School


When you want to buy your first home, it can be hard to know where to start! We set up the Sarah Curtis Mortgages First Home Buyers School as we wanted to share our knowledge and help as many First Home Buyers as possible be ready to buy a home.

The lessons in the school come from real conversations we are having with clients, the knowledge we have from 30 plus years in the industry and up to date information as the world of lending changes every day!

The SCM – First Home Buyers School is set up as 12 lessons. We have set the lessons up in the order we feel will provide you with the most benefit, but you can totally jump around & do things at different times. Maybe save the last lesson, 12, to the end though!

Access to the school is lifetime and has NO recurring membership fees so if you need to go back & check on something you can & we will be updating it whenever there are changes.

Buying your first home takes
focus & commitment - but let's have
some fun along the way!

If you are ready to commit to your future - jump in & sign up for our First Home Buyers School.

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